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The Top 5 Reasons Why A River Cruise Is Better Than An Ocean Cruise

For years, going on a cruise meant an ocean voyage with a few stops here and there. The cruises were touted as both exciting and relaxing; the excitement primarily came from the on-board shows or casinos, while the relaxing came from sitting in a deck chair and staring at the ocean. The food is usually pretty good (much better on some ships than on others), but passengers are captive diners most of the time.

Here are the top 5 reasons why river cruises in europe are better than ocean cruises.

1. The Scenery

This is the TOP reason for the popularity of river cruising. Every stateroom is outside, possessing a wonderful view of the incredible landscapes. Relax in your room or on deck, watching as castles, ports, cathedrals, markets, mountains, forests and quaint towns and villages pass by. This is much more interesting than endless miles of ocean.

2. The Food

River cruises have fabulous food. One reason is that ocean cruise ships cannot resupply frequently. The chefs on river cruise ships have constant access to local, fresh food to be turned into gourmet delights.

3. Explore Something New Every Day

Daily excursions are included in the cost. Of course, it's also possible to tour on one's own, with a little advice and assistance from the on-board concierge or receptionist if desired. Explore magnificent and historic buildings and shop for the latest designer apparel or intriguing crafts. Experience the best regional cuisine in exquisite restaurants or the places where the locals eat.

4. Relax on the Ship

Choose whether you want to go on shore or relax on the ship. You can just relax on deck, enjoy a drink in the spacious lounge or open air terrace or enjoy the finest al fresco dining as you watch the world pass by.

5. You Won't Be Seasick

Some people would love to enjoy the advantages of cruising, but are afraid that the cruise would be ruined by seasickness. That is not a problem on a river cruise; there are no waves - so no seasickness - and the ship is always close to the shore.

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